Fotografie: Louise te Poele

In today's society there is a lot of knowledge (created), but how is this knowledge passed on? Nowadays young people get their knowledge from books and the internet, while the transfer of knowledge from the elderly and their heritage disappear. Society is changing and people are suspicious of spontaneity and communication with each other. People increasingly withdraw into their own privacy ‘bubble' while society, perhaps more than ever, actually is in need of real social exchange.

Collect moments, not things

My social machine focuses on an ancient form of communication and social activity: collective embroidery. With my machine the viewer is an active part of the installation, where transfer of ‘heritage’ (a collection of behaviour, knowledge, expertise, skills, memories, core values and sentiment) that you leave in your environment is the central theme. The embroidered carpet is the silent witness of the numerous short encounters, and the visitor has created a positive memory.

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