Workshop Camper 2012

Theme: Leisure

Mourning jewelery: Tearbottle


Collectie Arnhem Product 2012


Collectie Arnhem Product Website

Collectie Arnhem Product 2012


Collectie Arnhem Product Website


Collectie Arnhem Product

  • Collectively formulating the manifesto of our collection
  • Organizing a business lunch to raise funds for the realization of our collection.
  • Businessmeetings to raise funds for the realization of our collection

Collectie Arnhem Product Website

Chesterfield Brand suitcase

The Chesterfield Brand

Theme: Succes | Powerwomen

Plastic formed core covered with foam and sheepskin. The compartments provide space for a Macbook Pro, an Iphone and a Moleskin. In the middle there is room for documents. 

Shade Cutlery

Handmade beechwood cutlery as a result of a study of shades on a basic Ikea set

Sandal Spring/Summer Collection 2011 Gareth Pugh


Starting point for this leather sandal was the collection S/S 2011 by Gareth Pugh, which characterizes itself by lines and planes. 

Tableau vivant

My visual but personal interpretation of conversations and life stories of people I interviewed. The collages are made of generic images found of the internet. The collages were immortalized in a tableau for a personal touch in the interiour, together with porcelain plates glazed with personal (adapted) mementos. 

Embroidered still for the new music video for 

De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - Makkelijk (voor ons) 

Our animated segment with embroidered still. 

Placeholder animation #SUPEREGO


#SUPEREGO Tufted Wall piece 

Glass sculpture #SUPEREGO

Gemaakt met Berta